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About Us



About Us

About Us

Acibadem Labvital Laboratory is  one of the laboratories of Acibadem Healthcare Group and provides high quality food control analysis and advisory services  as an internationally accreditated industrial laboratory. 

Acibadem Healthcare Group is the most important and biggest private healthcare company of Turkey. Quality policy, reliability and customer satisfaction conceptions of the healthcare services have been also transferred to  the laboratories and it serves all around local and foreign custumers.

General Information
Acibadem Labvital Laboratory provides high quality food control and testing services in accordance with the  EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard as a part of Acibadem Healthcare Group, with the same regard and care for health. To provide better services, regulatory and preventive actions are carried out continuously.

Inner and outer quality controls, calibrations and inter-laboratory comparisons are fulfilled during all the processes for provide accurate and reliable test results.  

Acıbadem Health Group has approximately 20.000 personnel working at hospitals, medical centers, institutions, partnerships, supportive companies. Acıbadem Labvital Laboratory provides the services about food safety for the patients, their relatives and stuff. Furthermore, performs the export and import test services that are officially entitled to Acıbadem Labvital Laboratoryby Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestockand private analysis with corporate agreements.

Acıbadem Labvital  Laboratory focuses on the studies to be a national mark and get the corporate purposes by managing the technology and knowhow.