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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What services besides analysis do you offer?

Inspection and training is offered to clients regarding hygiene and sanitation in food related industries. These training programs are crafted specifically to the company's needs.
For more information, please contact us at +90 216 500 48 46

How can I be sure that my information is kept confidential?

Like all other Acibadem Health Care employees, Acıbadem Labvital Laboratory personnel is required to sign a statement of disclosure, guaranteeing to keep any and all information related to any client confidential. The laboratory technicians performing the analysis can only see the barcode related to the sample and do not have access to any other information related to the sample or the client.

When can samples be delivered to Labvital?

As long as the laboratory notified 48 hours prior to delivery, the samples can be delivered after business hours as well.

When the Labvital personnel available to collect samples?

If the laboratory is notified beforehand, samples can be collected after business hours as well.

Can Labvital perform analysis in a certain way if specifically asked?

As long as the equipment and material we have available is suitable, analysis can be performed in any way and that a certain method was demanded by the client will be noted in the final report.

Can a report on the uncertainty of measurement and validation reports be obtained about the methods used?

Labvital is ready to share anything related to the methods used and related performance information.

How are the results obtained assessed?

The results are compared to the given limits based on the Turkish Food Codex and any other international standards or regulation that dictates such limits.

Can Acıbadem Labvital Laboratory take the samples?

Acıbadem Labvital Laboratory will provide a qualified employee to take the samples in the required way and according to the standard methods.

What type of container and under which conditions should a sample be sent in?

The containers used should be clean, properly sealed, preferably in a darker colour. For microbiological analysis, sterile containers should be used and any food item that is not dry should preferably be sent in a cooled container, in its original packaging if possible, as fast as can be.

What are the reasons for an analysis to be performed again?

Analysis performed again when an unexpected result is obtained for verification purposes, or due to a client's demand or any other similar situations that may arise.

How are the amounts necessary for analysis determined?

The amounts listed are from the Turkish Food Codex and international codex regulations.

What is the amount of the sample need for the analysis?

Required amounts for various kinds of samples are listed in our guide under the samples section on our webpage.

Who can get analysis performed?

Whether you have bought it at a store, made it yourself, or produce it yourself commercially, you can get analysis performed on food, any materials that come in contact with food if the samples are taking according to the guide in our services page.