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Sample Collection Guide

What stages does the sample go through?

  • The sample is registered to  the  software and identifiedby given a unique barcode. None of the private accessed information about the sample besides the barcode is known by any technician. During all the laboratory processes client information and privacy have been protected and kept.
  • The sample is divided into appropriate amounts required for the analyses demanded and are sent to the related laboratory units,
  • Analysis parameters and methods notifications by the software to the responsible technician will beperformed the analysis
  • Analysis  and verification of the results
  • Supervisor conformation by using software 
  • Checking and printing reports
  • Signing the reports and delivered to the client,
  • Keeping the left sample for a certain period if applicable,
  • Sample disposals by using proper methods.

If a sample is being sent directly by a client, Acibadem Labvital Laboratory can inform you on the quantities and methods used to collect the sample or you can use the information on our website regarding the quantities required and file an “Analyses Request Form”.

Technical Support
If introduce your product to Acibadem Labvital Laboratory
  • Information details about regulations and legislations about services you need
  • Sample  collection by qualified personnel
  • Reporting proper results
  • appropriate priced services 

For any problems or questions, our qualified personnel will give you any suggestions or solutions while keeping your data confidential. You can call us at +90 216 500 48 46, or send us an e-mail at